Pet Care

Pet CareNew friends all over the world 😉

I love animals! Sometimes it appears to me that some special 4 legged friends “called” me because of a special reason. I seem to be the “translator” and after my stay something big changed in their life…

Pet care for me does mean, that I have to have experience with the type of animal I´m are looking after! I never think that pet care is easy and that all that it involves is feeding my host´s pets!

Sometimes I need to clean a cat´s litter tray several times a day to keep them happy and healthy and I take it serious! Sometimes I have to help a dog to learn new things that are important for his and other people safety. Sometimes I help horses and humas to get friends :-).

I always take the full responsibility for the animals and I´m aware of it.

Here is the story of one dog that I looked after and that could not run of leash, attacking other dogs and people. My neighbour Don wrote what he could see happened while I worked with Lily:

LilyMy neighbour’s animals consisted of two chickens, one cat and one dog. Lily the dog was a Labrador Husky cross who it would seem was mistreated at some time as a young pup and had not been socialised with people or dogs. The reason I came to this conclusion was the she was terrified of strangers and other dogs and would shy away from them, tail between her legs, barking and snapping in fear. Over a long period of time I had gained her trust and she would enjoy me stroking and patting her.

The day Susanne arrived Lily took an instant like to her and related to her as if she had known her for some time, which my neighbour noted had never happened before with a stranger. Over the next four weeks Susanne not only fed and cared for Lily at home but also walked her, took her to the beach and took her when she visited people. At the end of this time Lily had changed from a shy, scared dog to one that could be taken to the dog section of the beach and would interact with people and dogs in a friendly and happy manner. It was truly a transformation! I know that the cat also was very different, in a positive way, by the time she left Australia.

Susanne and I spend time together and I found her to be not only to be amazing with animals but also an open, honest and caring person. I enjoyed her friendship and was sorry to see her return to Germany.  Don Madden, AUSTRALIA

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