About me

Susanne and FriendYes, that´s me ;-).

I´m Susanne, an active and world travelled German woman in her mid 50s. I have a huge passion for animals and exploring new parts of the world. Being a travel agent in the 1980s and a sales manager in the 1990s I can really tell many stories.

Close to the Baltic sea I own an appartement in an historic builing where I return to if I´m not somewhere in the world. I love to travel and work with my laptop from other places in the world to get out of the daily routine 😉 and be connected to animals and nature.

As a horse rider and ex owner of a horse, dogs, cats and rabbits I am used to living with animals, and giving them care and much love. I have a driving license and I’m able to drive cars, motorbikes & small vans without damaging driving left or right.

Since 2021 I travel in Europe with my brand new mobile home and combine House Sitting, helping and online working on 4 wheels ;-). I´m very flexible with my “Gipsy” – the name of my Fiat Ducato. I have my own LTE Antenna on board so I can work as long as I have reception. Hopefully I can return to Western Australian Summers in 2023/24.

Some more “private” details for you:

  • Self-employed since 2003. I travel the world due to my jobs and speak Spanish and English quite well.
  • I grew up with cats and dogs, horses and small animals. I communicate well with animals (and even seem to speak their language) which makes it easy for me to handle them. I did a one year course in alternative medicine and I have found that this has helped me to treat animals through energy work and homeopathy in case they need support.
  • In 2000 I had my own horse in a private stable. I took care of her for 2 years by doing all the stable work, feeding and riding. Sadly she died as she was very old. I go cross country trail riding all over the world since many years.
  • As vegetarian I like fresh vegetable ;-). I´m a good gardener as I grew my own veggies for many years.
  • In my free time I love to cruise with my Suzuki Burgmann Scooter or go for sailing on the lakes or the ocean. I love diving, sailing, swimming, Yoga, ballroom dancing and skying in winter.
mobile House sitter Veggi Garden  Horse feeling skying

My passion is Social Media and Online Communities:

I started my first contact back in 2003 with the new German network called Open Business Club, today named XING. Since this time the use of networks and the amazing ability to communicate with people all over the world has started a new and exiting journey for me that never ends.

In 2008 I started my first online training. Short after that more business contacts requested inhouse group training. In 2009 LinkedIn came into my life and I jumped at the opportunity to build networks with other professionals all over the world. Every year I learned more about how dynamic this form of communication can be when used for professional purposes.

Today I´m a well booked Business Network Trainer for LinkedIn in Europe. I deliver a large number of online group training sessions with my collegue that supports me with my trainings from Germany.